Meet the Maa

But instead of dying of the heat,

The sadness, the heartache,

She took all of her pain

And from her own ashes became Fire.

From The Ashes She Became, Nikita Gill

I’m Ava, The Aboltabol Maa. I’m an electrical and electronic engineer by profession and writer by passion. I’m a mom to a toddler (whom I call Tuntun) who loves to pen down her random thoughts. That’s where the idea of starting a blog came from.

The Royal Bengal Mom – That is how I introduce myself in one word. I am a pure Bangali with an emotional connection with Bengali culture and tradition. I love to talk about motherhood, women empowerment, books and social awareness. Welcome to my little corner of internet where you can read my aboltabol talks sitting on the couch of your living room, having your afternoon chaa (tea).

I’m a Dhaka-based blogger, so if you see me anyday at a coffee shop running after Tuntun with my cup of coffee in hands, don’t hesitate to stop by and say Hi! Take care.

তো হয়ে যাক এক কাপ চা!